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Simplicity for Dummies.

Once there was Soviet Union. It collapsed into pieces. The core tech, wealth, resources - natural and others remained in the Russian territory - as of it was a center of the Soviet power.

Some parts of FSU were small and meaningless while Ukraine was not.

Local ( Ukrainian ) mafia ( ruling authorities ) have been robbing the people of Ukraine for all the yeas of Independence. Though the mafia connections have been set very tight with Russia through all the times, they have been keeping the centralized vertical robbery system active.

People in Russia and Ukraine have been treated like shit, but since the central Russia accumulated all the legacy the Russians were also given a superiority pill over the Ukrainians, Big Brother pill thing.

One reason or another, but it happened that Ukrainian part ( I cant tell exactly people, mafia or outside power ) decided to try breaking out of that relation.
And the Big Brother started playing a hard ball gig.

And here we go. Having all the difficulties coming down the black hole, deeper and deeper.


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